August 26, 2017

My name is: Charly Draper

I live in (suburb/city or town): Matakohe (rural Northland)

I love living here because: we don't have to deal with the Auckland traffic or housing problems!  We're on a dairy farm so the kids have lots of space to play and it's super safe.  

Also living in my house are: hubby Jeff and two daughters, aged 2 and 5 months

My job is: I'm a stay-at-home mother and I run a wee startup company doing advent calendars filled with NZ beauty products, called Beautiful Christmas NZ.

A typical morning at my house/my  breakfast routine is: I often have cheese toast in my dressing gown with my two year old while I'm getting her out the door to daycare, then I put some muesli to soak in the fridge while I tend to the baby.  When everyone else is fed and dressed I can sit down to my muesli!  (I'm breast-feeding, so I need multiple breakfasts like a hobbit!)

My favourite Te Atatu Toasted cereal is: the Healthy Blend!

I love it because: on December 23rd I was given the news I had gestational diabetes.  Living so rurally I panicked about the hours on the road travelling to and from hospital for medical appointments.  I begged my midwife to let me test again.  I totally cut sugar from my diet (two days before Christmas!  That meant no dessert, no dried fruit, no gravy, no sauces, no celebratory drinks, etc!) and I had another blood test a week later.  I was completely healthy again!  However, educating myself about sugar has made it REALLY hard to buy pre-prepared food.  I love this muesli because it has a teeny tiny amount of sugar so it is an excellent stop-gap whenever I need something filling!

I eat it with: raw farm milk or yoghurt and a sprinkle of chia seeds.

I share my bag of muesli with:my husband.  

Their favourite way to have it is:. Soaked overnight in raw farm milk. He used to buy cereals like Nutragrain - but he's a big guy and could finish the packet in three mornings!  I made him try some of my muesli soaked in milk and he begrudgingly admitted he enjoyed it.  Now when I'm organised at night I put two scoops of muesli in a jar, pour in lots of farm milk and add a scoop of probiotic yoghurt.  At lunch he can chop up an apple and add that to his healthy, filling meal!

The best thing about signing up for a subscription to Te Atatu Toasted is: I know I always have a healthy food option in my cupboard.  Living an hour from our closest supermarket it can be hard and expensive to get the kind of food I want to eat!

I believe the key to good health is: avoiding sugar!  I'm sure I irritate people talking about it all the time, but the first four days were hard and after that I lost weight, had more energy, and generally felt much, much better!

Other boutique NZ brands I love include: The Green Seed coconut chips, Annie Blackberry jewellery, The Rustic Co candles, Ro Vie makeup, Leaf T, plus lots of wonderful little skincare brands like Black Robin, Dedicated to Nature and Bee Sensual.

I love escaping to: my parents house in West Auckland!   I'm a Westie at heart so I love being back in the bush - and having family members fighting to look after my girls for me!

My favourite restaurant or cafe is: Tulip, in Maungaturoto.  They do DELICIOUS organic coffee.  Since cutting sugar I've become obsessed with lattes!

To find out more about NZ's lowest sugar muesli - our 97% sugar free Healthy Blend - click here.

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