April 01, 2021

April is set to be a very social month – this year we have Easter, school holidays and a long Anzac Day weekend packed into one four-week period!

Food is generally a key element for Kiwi get-togethers so chances are you are going to be cooking for family and friends this month. And if you are heading away for any of these April occasions, you will be working in an unfamiliar kitchen.

But don’t panic – we’ve got tips and recipes to make entertaining a breeze no matter where or who you are cooking for.

Top tips for feeding a crowd

  • Plan ahead - decide on your menu as early as possible and work out what you need to buy.
  • Prep ahead – work out what parts of the meal you can make in advance and keep in the fridge or freezer so you can enjoy the time you have with your guests.
  • Keep it simple – everyone wants to enjoy good company and good food. But that doesn’t mean you need a seven-course meal or four different options for meat mains.
  • Cater for the kids – if you know you are going to have several younger guests, look at having child-friendly, easy options such as pizza, pasta or even sausages on the barbecue. Then you can feed the kids first, put on a movie or set up games and let the adults enjoy a more leisurely, sophisticated meal in peace.
  • Have staples on standby – sometimes a gathering turns into a impromptu meal together. Those unplanned events can be the most fun, unless you are the one suddenly trying to find enough food to feed two families. Ordering in is one option but a cheaper, healthier alternative might be popping a batch of previously made, frozen Bolognese mince in the microwave and boiling up a couple of packets of spaghetti. Send someone to the supermarket for some garlic bread and a bottle of red and everyone is happy.
  • Ask for help. If you love to cook and enjoy the effort that goes into planning, preparing and producing a meal, knock yourself out. If you are more into the fellowship than the food, opt for a potluck meal and ask everyone to contribute. Don’t be afraid to assign some people mains and others desserts – you can’t live on chocolate brownie alone.
  • If you are having guests to stay or heading away, order an extra bag of Te Atatu Toasted cereal so you know you have a healthy, delicious breakfast sorted. Or better still, sign up for a monthly subscription and you will never have to worry again. Delivery is free!