My Story

I have made my own muesli for years – mostly out of being unable to find an everyday muesli I liked made from just great ingredients and nothing else.

Cereals are often bulked out with low nutritional ingredients like highly refined barley, wheat, rice and corn and have high levels of salt and sugar. We can easily chomp our way through 4 teaspoons (20grams) of sugar each morning and that is just the cereal – no toppings – and still be hungry at mid morning!

Not everyone has the time or wants to make their own breakfast cereals – so after 20 years working in the food industry I decided to take the plunge and take my creations to the market.

I have spent a great deal of time and completed a lot of research developing my cereals – I want to make breakfast cereals that are wholesome, with EVERY ingredient ONLY in them for a beneficial reason and that taste DELICIOUS!

I hope you love them.


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