Copy (original) of How to become a fan and other subscription info.

**Level 3 Update: we are an approved essential business in level 4, so we will continue to send out online orders while following the level 4 guidelines. We understand that during these lockdowns, many of our customers either can't or don't want to go out to buy food items and if we can make one thing easier for you, we are very happy to :)

Please note: due to the extra loads on couriers, it may take an extra day or two for delivery, just like in previous lockdowns. 

If you have any questions, please reply from this email.


We'd love you to consider becoming a Te Atatu Toasted Fan, you can find out more here.  

Since I started my business, I have been packing up and sending out my orders, however, this is about to change and I will now be using a local logistics company to do it for me. The only change you will immediately notice is that there will be no hand written note (sorry!) although I'm not sure that my writing was legible anyway. 

I will still manage all the online ordering - so still send through any questions to me.

Getting help with the shipping allows me to free up time to look at more sustainable packaging options, create recipes and the many things I have trouble finding time to do.

Pricing:  There is one pricing change, I will be adding a rural delivery fee of $4.00 to all rural orders. However, I have now removed the freight fee from all orders and I have also "grandfathered" your cereal prices - this means your subscription stays at whatever price it was when you started your subscription, (unless it becomes unsustainable). You will keep this price long as you keep your subscription going - you can still skip, but not cancel or discontinue. This is my way of saying Thank You for supporting my business and vision to make a healthier cereal alternative available to as many people as possible.

Please continue to share the word, it's amazing how many times new customers say a friend told them about my cereal. It's honestly the best form of advertisement and truly appreciated. 

Thanks and enjoy breakfast!