January 25, 2017

I was recently talking with a friend who told me how he buys his bread, he said he has 2 brands he likes and he buys whichever is on special. They weren’t cheap breads they were multigrain breads from well known companies and probably cost about $4 per loaf.

Many food purchases are probably made like this, infact 80% of supermarket sales come from products on special. The problem with buying like this is it allows no room for Big Food Companies to put their prices up when the cost of the ingredients go up so gradually they replace them with low cost, less nutritious ingredients and over the last decade silently food has been dumbed down so that now most of what is on offer is over-refined and of low nutrient value.

The result of eating this highly refined, low nutritional foods has been a huge increase of obesity levels, type 2 diabetes and increasing prevalence of colon cancer.

So with Big Food Companies being more focused on maintaining profit than making real food, we are seeing an emergence of local boutique producers like Te Atatu Toasted who are committed to putting the health of customers first. Our products may initially cost you a little more but because it is more nutritionally dense you will be satisfied eating less, you will be healthier and your long term health costs will be less.

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