Subscribe & Save on your low sugar breakfast cereal

An easy way for you to enjoy a healthy breakfast every day 

Never again resort to buying supermarket cereal

Running out of your favourite Te Atatu Toasted breakfast cereal leaves us feeling grumpy!

But not grumpy enough to have to go back to the supermarket and stock up on less-than-filling, sugar-packed cereals.

Get your selection of delicious, nourishing, low sugar breakfast cereals delivered directly to your door every 1 or 2 months.


When you subscribe, you don't have to buy high sugar, low-nutrition breakfast cereal each week at the supermarket.


You save up to 25% on every order and enjoy easy free urban delivery direct to your door anywhere in New Zealand.


It’s simple to make changes to your delivery frequency or cereal selection, Do it online or contact us to do it for you.

Are you ready? Choose your cereal blend & start your subscription here.

Here’s what our customers say:

“I never have to worry about running out of cereal. One bag lasts me a whole month if my kids don't eat it for afternoon tea. And if I do run short,I can bring the delivery date forward. Clare is so super helpful like that!”– Ali S

“I get my monthly refresh right on time, and the 1.5kg bag with the handy measure just goes the distance. And it’s a good price. I have been subscribing now for 12 months after finding Te Atatu Toasted at the Hobsonville Market.”– Kevin M

“The ease of having a monthly delivery without having to remember to reorder but the flexibility to skip a month if I don’t need cereal.” – Di M

“The best thing about the subscription is the ease of joining plus the fact it turns up just as we need it each month. It’s great value for money, healthy and I’m supporting a great business.” - Nicky B

Subscribe & Save on your daily breakfast

From $1 for a bowl of cereal?! You’ve got to be kidding me?

That’s a healthy, delicious bowl of cereal that keeps you full until lunch … for the cost of ¼ flat white!

You eat breakfast every day, so you may as well save!

Each 1.5kg bag of Te Atatu Toasted breakfast cereal contains 30 servings (when you use our 50g scoop). Our customers tell us time and time again that 50g looks small, but keeps them full all morning!

You can request a FREE portion spoon with your first order. 

How Te Atatu Toasted breakfast cereal subscriptions work

  1. The first time you order from our subscription, just make sure you check the “Subscribe and save” box when you make your selection.
  2. Choose whether you want deliveries every 1 or 2 months (you can change the frequency at any time. 
  3. Your first payment is made as soon as you make your first subscription, and your muesli order will be shipped out shortly after.
  4. Four days before your next order we’ll send you a reminder email. You can pause your delivery at this stage if you need to. 
  5. For your next delivery, your payment will be automatically debited from your account on the 21st of the month and your order will be shipped out shortly after.
  6. You can cancel any time before your next payment or contact us and we will do it for you. You can also pause your subscription if you go on holiday or increase or decrease your monthly order to suit your needs.

Can I change my order? And other questions you might have

Your order

Can I change my order?
Yes – just log onto your account or let us know and we can do it for you.
How much does it cost? We really want all Kiwis to eat a healthier breakfast so have tried to ensure that if you buy on subscription, you only pay $1 per serve. The Paleo Blends and Coco Crunchies are a bit more. The price of each blend is available when you click "buy now". 

How do I subscribe?
Click on the cereal above that you want to try, choose the lifestyle size and click "buy now". Then you will have the option to choose how many bags you want to be delivered and how often. 

How much is in a bag?
There are 30 servings for the Healthy, Original and Gluten-Free Blends, 25 for the Paleo Muesli and Porridge and 20 for the Coco Crunchies – we have tried to make it roughly a month's supply.

Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, of course, we want it to work for you. We will still be friends.

Can I buy a subscription for a friend?
Sure, just make sure you put their address in the delivery section when you order. You are a lovely friend!

I am a bit nervous about subscriptions…
Don't be nervous. You can cancel anytime before your next payment. We do not want you to be smothered to death under a pile of muesli!

There are 5 people in my workplace who all want to subscribe – can you do us a deal?
Yes! Email me at 

Your delivery

Monthly is too often for me – do you have other options?
Yes you can choose delivery every second month or even every third month, whatever works for you. And you can always change your delivery frequency at any time.

What happens if I have too much cereal?
You can choose to skip a month’s delivery or reduce your delivery frequency – you can do it yourself online or contact us and we will sort it out for you.

What happens if I don't have enough?
Just add another bag to your monthly delivery order.

I am going away, can I skip a month or more?
Yes, just log on to your account and skip a month or more. Don't forget that if you are going overseas, you can take unopened bags of Te Atatu Toasted Breakfast Cereals with you.

When will I get my order?
We send your order the next working day and it will usually arrive within two days. We want you to get it ASAP.

Our cereals

I have allergies – do you have anything suitable?
Yes – all our cereals are completely natural and are also wheat, barley, rice, corn, dairy and refined sugar-free. The Gluten-Free is gluten-free (obviously!) and made in a gluten and nut-free environment. The Coco Crunchies are also gluten and nut-free and made in a gluten and nut-free environment.

Is it healthy?
Yes! We are committed to helping kiwis eat better breakfasts. All our cereals are wheat, barley, rice, corn, dairy and refined sugar-free. They are a great source of fibre, protein and good fats, and offer sustained energy release so you won't feel hungry an hour after eating breakfast.

We have carefully selected each ingredient for it's nutritional benefits and its deliciousness! And we include a portion spoon with your first order so you don't overeat.

Where is it made?
Right here in West Auckland.

Where are the ingredients from?
From all over the world – we love using NZ ingredients whenever possible but sometimes for supply and quality, we need to source from overseas.

Are you ready? Choose your cereal blend & start your subscription here.