Breakfast Selection

Keen to try our cereals but not sure which one and you want to try them all first? Or perhaps you can think of 4 friends with different dietary requirements to give a bag to and keep the last one for you!  Whatever your needs, for a limited time - we've created the breakfast selection featuring 1 of each of our 4 mueslis blend and the Coco Crunchies just for you.


The Breakfast Selection includes:

1x Healthy Blend Muesli 400g - NZ's lowest sugar muesli with a lovely apple cinnamon flavour - dried fruit free and a great option for diabetics or Fodmap followers.

1 x Original Blend Muesli 400g - a wholesome, wholefood everyday breakfast cereal full of honey coated almonds.

1 x Gluten Free Blend Muesli 400g - naturally gluten free and also nut free, deliciously crunchy, perfect with fruit and yoghurt or even sprinkled on salads.

1 x Paleo Blend Muesli 350g, scrumptious peach and passionfruit flavour, vegan, grain free, keto friendly.

1 x Coco Crunchies 300g, a healthy, low sugar chocolate kids cereal, contains only 4 ingredients - popped buckwheat, coconut oil, coconut sugar and cocoa powder. Please note these are NOT gluten Free.

Free Urban Shipping, Rural $4


You will find the ingredient list and nutrition details for each product on their product pages. Here: Healthy Blend, Original Blend, Gluten Free Blend, Paleo Blend and Coco Crunchies. 

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