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You deserve a nourishing start

When you wake up in the morning, you’re searching for a cereal that leaves you energised and ready to embrace your day.

So you open the packet and pour a HUGE bowl but still you don’t feel satisfied.

What’s worse is that an hour later you’re running on empty again.

A healthy breakfast cereal to start every day

So many of my customers tell me the same thing “Cereals are so sweet and full of air”. They never fill us up! You’re exactly right. Most supermarket cereals are too sweet.

That’s why I created this all-natural low sugar range of breakfast cereals.

If you’ve been searching for a healthy, low sugar cereal to start your day. That gives you a nutritious boost and supports your health and well-being goals.

Welcome. Draw up a seat at my breakfast table!

The best breakfast cereal for Kiwis

Hi, I’m Clare

I started Te Atatu Toasted in 2013 after 20 years of working in the food industry because I wanted to provide Kiwis with nourishing breakfast cereals.

I’d made my own cereal for years because I found supermarket cereals were loaded with sugar and low-nutritional fillers such as rice and corn.

When I was eating something every day, I wanted to make sure it was helping my health and well-being. Not building up over time to ruin my health.

And I knew there would be other people who wanted to start the day with a healthy breakfast but didn’t have time to make it from scratch. So, I did my research, took the plunge and put my cereals on the market.

Low sugar, whole food breakfast cereals for people who want a nourishing start to their day.
And to stay full until lunch!

Don’t start your day on empty - You deserve a nourishing start

Te Atatu toasted blends a range of low sugar, gluten-free and paleo breakfast cereals. Packed with real ingredients that leave you feeling fuller for longer.

Starting from only $1 a serve a little goes a long way to help you feel energised all day.

And giving you the peace of mind that your daily breakfast routine is helping your health rather than dragging you down.