My Story

I’m Clare Robinson – creator and owner of Te Atatu Toasted Breakfast Cereals.

I started my business in 2013 after 20 years of working in the food industry because I wanted to provide Kiwis with nourishing breakfast cereals.

I’d made my own cereal for years because I couldn’t buy any that were not loaded with sugar and low-nutritional fillers such as rice and corn. And I knew there would be other people who wanted to start the day with a healthy breakfast but didn’t have time to make it from scratch. So, I did my research, took the plunge and put my cereals on the market.

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I started with my Original Blend muesli, then I made the Healthy Blend – this is great for people who want a low-sugar option that still tastes good.

Next, we created our Gluten Free Blend – it’s super tasty but without all the filler ingredients found in other commercial gluten-free breakfast options.

After that came Coco Crunchies – these are great for people who are looking for a healthier alternative to the typically sugary and highly processed cereals aimed at children.

We also have a couple of grain-free options – the Peach and Passion Fruit Paleo Blend and the Grain Free Porridge. The Grain Free Porridge makes a great baking mix for people following the keto way of eating.

Te Atatu Toasted Breakfast Cereals are all free of wheat, rice, corn and refined sugars. They are made with wholefood ingredients that release energy slowly, and you only need a small amount to give you a great start to the day. Plus, you get a free portion spoon with your first online order so you can get your serving size right.

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