Coco Crunchies

A healthy kids (big and little) breakfast cereal

This product is NOT gluten free.

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300 gram Bag

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A healthier cereal for your kids to enjoy at breakfast.

Kids' cereals are notoriously high in sugar and crashingly low in nutrition.

We made it possible for your kids to enjoy chocolatey deliciousness without packing them full of sugar.

With less than half the sugar of most other chocolate cereals, we think it's a super start to the day for kids (okay, we admit it- and for adults too!).

4 superfood, organic ingredients are what goes into each bag of delicious Te Atatu Toasted Coco Crunchies. That's it. Nothing else! Making it a healthy, crunchy, chocolate fix any time of the day.


  • Great fresh, clean chocolate flavour without being sickly sweet like many kids' cereals.

  • No added artificial or "natural" flavours or colours.

  • Dairy free and vegan.

  • Great in lunchboxes either in pottles or made into healthy crackle pops.

  • A healthy dessert option, satisfying without all the sugar.

  • Carefully blended in small batches in West Auckland for ultimate freshness


Spray-free popped Buckwheat, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Dutch Cocoa Powder

  • No preservatives

  • No sulphites

  • No flavours

  • No colour

  • 👉** This product contains gluten in the buckwheat**👈

Nutritional Information

Serving size: 30g, Servings per pack: 20
Average per serve: Average per 100g:
Energy (kj) 595.9


Protein (g) 2.6 8.6
Fat – total (g) 4.9 16.4
– saturated (g) 4.2 14.1
Carbohydrates (g) 21.6 72.0
– sugars (g) 3.9 13.1
Fibre (g) 2.6 8.6
Sodium (mg) 6.6 22.1

"My daughter loves coco crunchies so much she won't even eath the other brand of coco. She loves how they milk stays white and they keep its crunch even of it has been sitting for a while. As a parent, I don't feel bad giving this to her as thy are much healthier and means she starts her day at school with a full tummy." - Megan S

"Coco Crunchies are the kids' favourite, I tried making them myself but I get so busy and Clare's cereal just tastes way better. It's important to me that the kids don't eat too much processed food. Clare's cereal has very few ingredients and most importantly, no emulsifiers. You can't avoid heavily processed food these days but it's important the kids learn to make their own good food choices." - Jo M

Low sugar chocolate breakfast cereal for everyone

Kids aren't the only ones who love to indulge in chocolate cereals!

We believe that every mouthful counts. Whether you're eating cereal for breakfast, lunch, desserts or snacks!

And choosing a chocolate breakfast cereal doesn't mean you have to super-size your sugar intake.

Enjoy Coco Crunchies without sacrificing your health

Breakfast cereal is just the beginning

Use our Coco Crunchies to make low sugar recipes, healthy chocolate snacks and treats here.