July 11, 2023

Breakfast in a jar is the ultimate in convenience.

If you are someone who struggles with breakfast in the morning or you have early starts, getting into the habit of making one of these jars and taking it with you for a later breakfast will have a massive impact on your health and money saving.

So let’s look at some tips and tricks for making the ultimate breakfast.

Today I’m making one that is super low in sugar, so it is suitable for someone who wants or needs a low sugar diet such as Type 2 diabetics.

You will need a jar that is about 300g and its lid.

Once you get the hang of it you won’t need to measure but when you start, it will probably help.

In the bottom of the jar, place 2 tablespoons of yoghurt. Use a plain unsweetened yoghurt, we’ll be adding fruit so don’t use a fruit yoghurt, most fruit yoghurts have sugar added to them. Swapping from a fruity yoghurt to a plain one is an easy way to cut down on sugar. We recommend Cyclops yoghurt range; these are a great source of protein and also low in sugar or you can also make your own.

Next place a sliced-up kiwifruit in, if you want to be fancy, place it around the edge, or just chop up and spoon over the yoghurt. Kiwifruit is a great choice if you are diabetic as it is lower in sugar than many fruits. Berries are another good option, so it is a great idea to keep berries in the freezer, ready to go.

Add a part portion cup (1/3 cup) of Te Atatu Toasted muesli, we’ve used the Healthy Blend for this jar.

Spoon another 2 tablespoons of yoghurt on top of the muesli and sprinkle with more muesli and or slices of kiwi fruit.

Place in the fridge overnight and it will be ready for you in the morning – Enjoy



The total sugars of this breakfast has roughly half the total sugars of a typical breakfast with supermarket cereal, fruit yoghurt and fresh fruit so swapping to this for your weekday breakfast could save you annually over 5kg in sugar consumption! In addition, you will be satisfied with a smaller portion of our cereals because they contain a lot more wholefoods, so it is likely you will eat even less sugar swapping from general supermarket cereals to any in the Te Atatu Toasted range.


Because all our mueslis have a high content of seeds, whole grains and nuts, they are naturally higher in protein, adding a good plain yoghurt to your breakfast like cyclops yoghurt will give you roughly a third of your required daily protein intake, so a great start to the day.

Protein will keep you fuller for longer and is also great for bones, skin, hair and nails.


On average Kiwis eat 50% more salt that they should, our range of cereals have 20 – 30 times less salt (yes you are reading that right!) than typical supermarket cereals. So if breakfast is something you eat regularly, it really adds up.

How do you get into the habit of making your breakfasts in a jar?

Habits are super hard to form and very easy to break, especially in the beginning. So you need to use all the tricks to help good habits, like making a healthy breakfast in a jar, stick.

Here’s some ideas

  1. Create accountability, if you live with someone, you make the breakfast in a jar for both of you on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and they do Thursday and Friday and then swap around the next week.
  2. Or another accountability idea, send a photo to someone every evening of your made breakfast (s), choose someone that will hold you accountable :)
  3. Do it while waiting for something else, ie while waiting for dinner to cook, or the jug to boil or while the adds are on TV.
  4. Have everything handy, the jar, the muesli, the yoghurt and the fruit so it is easy to make when you are ready.
  5. Add up how much $$ you would save in 6 months (or a year) and plan something nice to do with those savings. Now wouldn’t that be fantastic!
💥 You deserve to start your day with a low sugar, healthy breakfast cereal.   
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