October 23, 2023

I meet many customers at markets who often struggle to fit breakfast in before they leave for work and end up getting something from the local bakery or cafe each day. The choices available are usually high in sugar, fat and sodium content and are low on nutrition and slow release ingredients such as wholefoods, leaving you tired and still hungry. Eating foods like this regularly is likely to lead to long-term health issues like high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. 

Eating a better breakfast either before work, on the way or when you get there will be better for your health (and wallet) now and long term.

A breakfast in a jar is a healthy and convenient option. When I do markets, I'll make one up the night before, leave it in the fridge and once I have set my stall up at the market, I'll sit down and enjoy breakfast.

All our mueslis are high in fibre and protein and low in sodium and sugar. They are also full of wholefoods, seeds, nuts, grains and even lentils, and are far less processed that most supermarket cereals, so they will slowly release their goodness through the morning.

Tips for making a great breakfast in a jar:

 A jar of around 300g is the perfect size.

Frozen berries are great and they will defrost ovenight in your made up jar.

I like making layers of fruit, yoghurt and muesli but you can mix it up too.

Keep it low sugar by using plain unsweetened Greek yoghurt. all fruit yoghurt have sugar also added to them, so it is best to stick to the plain unsweetened options and add your own fruit.

I also add a little milk when I add the muesli - this will make it go lovely and soft.

Chopped up kiwifruit and berries are great low sugar fruit options.

I eat it with a parfait spoon - it reaches the bottom of the jar and a smaller spoon makes it last longer :)

Ways to create a good habit

Put an empty jar (or 3) and your Te Atatu Toasted muesli on the kitchen bench as a reminder to make them.

Have an account that you transfer your saved breakfast money into and watch those savings grow! 

Make the jar(s) up while you are in the kitchen waiting for something  ie jug to boil, dinner to cook. 

Or as Nike says ...........just do it!!


 💥 You deserve to start your day with a low sugar, healthy breakfast cereal.   

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