August 12, 2021

Nicky Brasell and her husband Chris run a landscaping business in Taupo where they live with one of their sons.

A typical morning at my house is… my morning routine is to get ready for work, then have a cup of tea with my Te Atatu Toasted muesli.

My favourite Te Atatu Toasted cereal is…the Original Blend, I really enjoy the almonds.

I love Te Atatu Toasted cereal because…it’s super tasty, and it’s packed full of all the goodies to keep me going. Plus, I love the size cup; it gives the perfect amount. 

I eat it with… yoghurt and fruit.

The best thing about signing up for a subscription to Te Atatu Toasted is…the ease of joining plus the fact it turns up just as we need it each month. It’s great value for money, healthy and I’m supporting a great business. 

If I’m not eating cereal for breakfast, I’m having…probably toast, boring!

My next holiday will be…heading away with my son’s hockey team for a tournament in Hamilton. We are staying at Raglan which will be great.

My favourite restaurant or café is…I enjoy going out to our local cafes in Taupo; they are all good. 

I believe the key to good health andwellbeing is…a balanced diet and everything in moderation plus surrounding yourself with great people.

My goal for 2021 is…is to turn 50 graciously.

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