July 12, 2021

Elizabeth Congdon lives on Auckland’s North Shore with her husband Mark and their son and daughter. She is a Ways of Working coach, collaborating with clients to help them think differently, work differently and be more customer-centric, and also a life coach.

We love Te Atatu Toasted cereal because… our love affair with Te Atatu Toasted began in October 2018, just four weeks after our arrival as new immigrants. We love the health aspect (no chemical processing, no excessive sugar or flavour enhancers) and we have used it as a breakfast with yoghurt and fruit or as a decorative topping to a home-made smoothie.

Our consumption escalated to next level during the 2020 lock down. Te Atatu Toasted muesli became our go-to ‘comfort snack’ -  we were eating it on the fly, spoon or two, straight from the bag or sometimes with bit of yoghurt in a mug (a tradition started by Mark).

My vegetarian daughter took it to the next step - her favourite lunch is Te Atatu Toasted Healthy Blend muesli with plain full cream Greek yoghurt and a few extra sunflower seeds and shaved almonds.

With this widespread love for the product in our family, signing up for a subscription meant that we had a continuous supply, leaving all happy and content. We also fell in love with the personal handwritten message or quote that came with each delivery.

I believe the key to good health is…leading an integrated life by being in tune with your feelings, by being kind to yourself and others, a good dose of daily fresh air and movement, healthy eating and sleeping habits, lots of water and abig dose of laughter and hugs! Just acknowledge that we are all human!

My next holiday will be to…we haven’t made any actual plans but my ultimate bucket list trip is to visit Abel Tasman National Park. Then a tour of the South Island. But we also need to one day literally be tourists in Auckland. One weekend we need to go to Auckland CBD and experience the city like visitors.

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