November 20, 2023

A question that regularly comes up at markets, particularly from men, is how can I add more protein to my breakfasts?

This is a bit of a creative idea to get more protein into your breakfasts. All the mueslis in the Te Atatu Toasted range are already high in protein thanks to their high content of seeds and nuts or lentils but adding an egg makes it an even higher protein breakfast and it is delicious!


1/3 cup (a portion cup) of Healthy Blend Muesli

1 cup of your choice of milk

1 egg

1 tablespoon of maple syrup, or your choice of sweetener

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence



Place the milk and muesli in a breakfast bowl (a microwavable safe one) and microwave on 50% for 3 minutes, the 50% is important to stop it overflowing. Meanwhile in a separate bowl beat the egg, maple syrup and vanilla together until well incorporated. I use a stick blender.

Pour the eggy mixture into the muesli mix and mix well then pour into your (microwavable) breakfast bowl and microwave on 50% for a further 3 minutes. Once it is cooked, do not stir or you will get scrambled Bircher - which tastes fine but is a weird texture!

Leave to cool slightly or cool completely - whatever is your preference and top with yoghurt and your choice of fruit.

This breakfast contains approximately 30grams of protein.

This makes one big serve or 2 small ones.

Enjoy, it is absolutely delicious!

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