April 01, 2024

Here's another delicious recipe for you from Shelley from Santosha Health Coaching.

Shelley says most of us are undereating protein, we need at least 1g for every kg of body weight, which means aiming for around 30g at breakfast. Protein helps to build and repair your body's tissues, it's an energy source and is crucial for good health. Eating protein rich foods like meat, seafood, eggs, dairy, tofu, legumes, nuts and seeds helps to keep you fuller for longer and maintain a healthy weight.


4 cups frozen mixed berries

4 tbsp chia seeds

2 scoops Nothing Naughty vanilla protein powder

200g Te Atatu Toasted Healthy Blend

3 tbsp peanut butter

1 tbsp honey

150g High protein Greek style yoghurt - to serve with crumble


Heat oven to bake 180. Sauté berries & chia in a pan with about 1/2 cup of water. Make the crumble by combining the muesli, protein powder, peanut butter and honey. Pour the jammy berry mixture into a greased baking dish and spread crumble over evenly.

Bake for 20mins then top with Greek yoghurt

Serves 4

32g protein 545 calories per serve