Subscription Benefits

Benefits of our Subscriptions:

  1. Never run out of breakfast
  2. Have just what you need by managing your subscription.
  3. Get it delivered straight to your door – hassle free.
  4. Never have to go down the breakfast isle in the supermarket again!
  5. Know that it is freshly made and delivered straight to you.
  6. Save up to 30% on every product you have on subscription.
  7. Our big bags with less packaging are more environmentally friendly.
  8. Eat the right portion size – all bags come with a portion spoon.
  9. All our cereals are made with ONLY nutritious ingredients in delicious combinations.
  10. Know you are giving you and your family a great start to the day.
  11. Know that you are supporting a NZ business that cares about your health.

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Testimonial: I was stoked that I could set up a reoccurring order. Now I can just forget about it and keep receiving the muesli. 

Thanks very much for making to so easy. Edward