Subscriptions - how they work

Subscriptions are convenient and one less thing to organise, you will never run out of breakfast and you will never have to much because you can always skip an order.

Also, because it's automated and takes up less of my time, you will save up to 25% on every order.

So here’s a little info on it

  1. Your subscription will come monthly or 2 monthly what ever you have chosen.
  2. I now have 3 main subscription days, 1st , 11th & 21st depending on when you sign up, I will move you to one of these.
  3. Processing most subscriptions on these 3 days is for me to try and be efficient 😊 however, if this does not suit you, that’s completely fine and please let me know.
  4. If you ever run out earlier than your scheduled date – bring your order forward yourself or I can do it for you – just email me. And 4 days before you run out is best so you get it before you run out!
  5. I will also send you a reminder email 4 days before each scheduled order so you can always amend your subscription then ie add a bag, remove a bag, skip a delivery, change blends, increase/decrease intervals or cancel.
  6. Also, I am here to make any changes for you as well – just send me an email.
  7. I think that’s it …………any questions or if there is any way you think I can improve this subscription service for you, please let me know

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