May 01, 2019

There is nothing like fresh seasonal fruit - it's flavoursome and often very cheap or even free.

The downside however if it can often spoil before you get around to eating it all.

I was given about 5kg of delicious plums about a month ago and I have been slowly enjoying them - I had some for breakfast this morning on top of my muesli.

If they were still fresh - they would have gone off weeks ago but I froze them free flow and I have been enjoying them over the last month with still lots left.

To make free flow fruit - you will need a oven tray or similar, something that will fit into your freezer but large enough to put the fruit pieces on so they wont touch. I then halved the plums, removed the stone and then quartered the halves and placed them on the oven tray so that they were not touching. Next, I placed the tray of fruit pieces in the freezer, then once the fruit was frozen, I scooped them all together and placed them in a plastic bag (or you could use a container) and put them back in the freezer ready for our breakfasts. 

Tip: I take what I need out the night before so they are all defrosted and ready for breakfasts in the morning. If you are making any of my breakfast in a jar recipes - the fruit pieces can go in frozen and they will be all defrosted and ready for you in the morning >>>YUM!


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