March 14, 2022

Fortunately for people who must avoid gluten, many of the foods that make up a healthy eating regime are naturally gluten-free. Fresh fruit and vegetables, red meat, poultry and seafood, nuts and seeds, legumes and most dairy products including milk, cheese, yoghurt, and butter are all safe in their natural form.

But when it comes to traditionally wheat and cereal-based products, including bread, baked treats, savouries, muesli bars, breakfast foods, and convenience ready-to-cook food products, people on a gluten-free diet have to seek out alternatives that won’t harm their health.

Going gluten-free is a common reason people start buying products from Te Atatu Toasted  – both our Gluten-free Muesli and our Paleo Blend Muesli are safe for people with coeliac disease or anyone eating gluten-free.

There are several other companies, including boutique food producers and more well-known brands, catering to this market so we’ve had a look at a few of the yummiest gluten-free finds in the country.

Finding a good gluten-free bread is the holy grail for many people avoiding wheat. The Alternative Bread Company offers easy-to-use bread mixes that allow you to create a delicious loaf at home. They also have a Spicy Fruit Bread Mix to make fruit loaves or buns, which will be great with Easter coming up. OMGoodness Specialty Breads offers a range of bread mixes you can make at home and you can also get made loaves delivered – choose from delicious flavours such as Sourdough with Rosemary and Black Sesame, Chia and Linseed Light and Free and Apricot, Raisin and Poppy Seed Fruity and Proud and they also have you covered for Easter Buns.

Thoroughbread has a wide range of gluten-free bread products which are available from stockists across the North and South Island. Find out where to buy it and what the delivery day for your area is here. The Midnight Baker is famous for its Freedom Loaf which you can buy ready made or as a mix to make at home. Coeliacs should opt for the buckwheat version rather than the oat version to be safe.

If you prefer a wrap to a slice of bread, Rebel Bakehouse’s gluten free versions are a game changer. They are soft and don’t split or break like some other gluten-free wraps. They are stocked in most supermarkets.

For a wider range of gluten-free baked goods, including rolls and pizza bases, try Bakeworks or the Home St range. The Gluten Free Bakery in Christchurch as a good range of breads, cakes, and sweet treats – not everything can be shipped throughout the country but it’s worth checking it out.

If you really want to spoil yourself, head to Fudge & James for a divine range of gluten-free cookies, biscotti and slices. Or indulge with Badass Brownies gluten-free treats. We also love Kea Cookies range of gluten-free biscuits which are available in most supermarkets and food shops. Nothing Naughty protein bars available in seven flavours and made in Tirau are a great option for a snack on the run.

If pies and savouries are your treat of choice, Pavillion Foods does a great range of heat-and-eat products and sells gluten-free pastry so you can create your own. While you are there, you might want to look at their breads, biscuits and slices.

If you are looking for a quick, easy meal option we love Naked Cuisine’s range of soups and meals. The Eat Well range is all gluten-free and several of the Naked Kitchen and Naked Soups are safe as well.

Waitoa does a range of frozen free-range gluten-free chicken products including chicken fillet burgers, chicken tenders, karaage chicken and chicken nuggets that the whole family will love. They also have gluten-free chicken sausages – look for those in the fresh meat section of the supermarket

Dunedin-based Angel Bay makes delicious gourmet gluten-free beef patties that are great in burgers - find them in the frozen section the supermarket.

Beer-lovers needn’t despair either - Kererū Brewing has four gluten-free beer brews available – three ales and an American Pale Ale. If you are more of a lager fan, you might like to try Omission Gluten Free Lager. Omission is an overseas brand that was born when brewer Joe Casey’s wife was diagnosed with coeliac disease, but you can buy it from local website


We are also lucky to have several websites in New Zealand that stock a range of local and imported gluten-free products. If you are looking for something special head to The Gluten Free Shop or YetteMoosh