January 01, 2021

Welcome to 2021 – the year we all want to get fitter, get healthier and eat better.

Our Kiwi Welfare Check survey asked the Te Atatu Toasted community what their top three goals were for this year and more than half of you (55 per cent) selected exercising more and getting fitter as a priority.

For 40 per cent of respondents, eating a healthier diet was a top goal for 2021 and almost a third (32 per cent) said they would be focusing on losing weight.

These three options ranked well ahead of any of the other answer choices, demonstrating that physical wellbeing is important to our Te Atatu Toasted whānau.

Another health-related goal was to get more sleep – 26 per cent of you ranked that as one of your top aims.

We know you are dedicated to good health – that’s why you love our products. So it wasn’t a surprise that 68 per cent of you said ensuring the food you buy contained mainly wholefood ingredients was a top consideration when feeding your family.

Te Atatu Toasted will continue to supply you with healthy low-sugar breakfast cereals made with wholefood ingredients to give you the energy to get through your day and through your new commitment to exercise.

We also know we’ve got some fitness and exercise experts as part of our community so we are going to ask them for top tips on how people can start, and maintain, a safe exercise routine that will help them meet their fitness goals. We will share those with you soon.

But physical wellbeing is not the only important goal for our supporters this year – after the uncertainty of 2020, 31 per cent of you chose saving more money as a focus.

One fifth of you (22 per cent) ranked making more time for family as a top priority and 20 per cent of you want to set aside more time for yourself.

It’s humbling to see that 20 per cent of you are aiming to do more to help your community or volunteering for a good cause.

A few people shared their personal goals with us – congratulations to the woman who told us she is having a Covid baby and we can certainly sympathise with one parent who will be happy if they can teach their child to sleep until 6am instead of 4.30am.

A few of you plan to grow your businesses or learn new skills to develop your careers, and one travel addict who is missing being able to explore the world plans to spend 2021 encouraging others to have a Covid vaccine once it’s available!

Thanks for sharing your hopes and dreams with us – later this month we will reveal the habits you formed in 2020 that you plan to take forward into the new year.