January 13, 2021

My name is:Jackie Osborne

I live in:Henderson Heights, West Auckland

Also living in my house are:Myself, hubby, 2 boys (Brooklyn 6, and Lachy 1.5 and a half), plus dog Bella.

My job is…Self employed  

A typical morning at my house/my breakfast routine is…After sorting this kids out with their breakfast, I make myself some porridge using Te Atatu toasted Vegan/Paleo Porridge.

My favourite Te Atatu Toasted cereal is… Vegan/Paleo Porridge. 

I love Te Atatu Toasted cereal because…I get my daily porridge fix that keeps me full for hours, without the high carb intake and bloating that you get with standard oat porridge.

I eat it with…Kalo Greek Yoghurt and a tiny sprinkle of coconut sugar (Sometimes a bit of stewed apples and peaches)

The best thing about signing up for a subscription to Te Atatu Toasted is…One less thing to worry about restocking, as a new pack arrives on my doorstep at the right time!

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If I’m not eating cereal for breakfast, I’m having…Just a coffee 😭

I believe the key to good health is…Balance.. never deprive yourself of foods you love, the key is to find balance and not over indulge.

Other boutique NZ food brands I love include….Kalo Greek yoghurt, Oratia Honey

My next holiday will be to…Well overseas is off the cards so probably my favourite Bland Bay in the Bay of Islands with the family for summer.

My favourite restaurant or café is…So many choices! Probably The Grounds at Whoa Studios! in Henderson

2020 has been a strange year… what has been the best thing about the new challenges you and your family/community have faced? Probably buying a home and moving during the lockdown, but also not being able to see the rest of my family.