December 03, 2020

Jacqui Rowe lives in Mt Eden with her husband, daughter and two cats. She’s a busy nurse so a good, healthy breakfast is an essential to get her through her day.

My breakfast routine is… First, I defrost half a cup of blueberries (fresh if I can get them). Then I make half an Isagenix chocolate shake. I use this product as it’s so nutritious and it helped me lose weight in 2017. Now I just love it. Then I use half a cup of Te Atatu Toasted Paleo Blend cereal. It’s a wonderful morning mix.

Our favourite Te Atatu Toasted cereal is…I like the Paleo Blend muesli and my daughter loves Coco Crunchies as they stay crunchy when milk is added!

I love Te Atatu Toasted cereal because…There are gluten-free options. I’m not coeliac but due to other stomach issues and an under-active thyroid, I rely on a gluten-free diet to give me the healthy, active lifestyle I need. Clare has a lovely selection of gluten-free cereals and they are great for baking too!

The best thing about signing up for a subscription to Te Atatu Toasted is… Having just moved to Auckland early this year, combined with coping with the Covid-19 lockdowns, I’ve found having my monthly subscription of cereals arriving on my doorstep has been a great help. It takes away the worry about what to eat.

My next holiday will be… To Dunedin later this year. We are planning lots of walking and I will be visiting places I’ve never seen before

Tell us about 2020 for your family…This year has been all about new jobs, new house, new neighbours, new friends and new shopping experiences. I was very happy to find a lovely cafe nearby called Martha’s in Mt Eden Road. I noticed it on one of our many daily walks around our area. It has great gluten-free food!


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