November 26, 2020

Over the summer months, we spend many sunny weekends at a variety of markets around the Auckland region, talking to people about the Te Atatu Toasted range. It’s not uncommon to meet people who avoid cereal as a breakfast option because they follow a dairy-free diet and don’t drink cow’s milk. But even if you opt out of eating dairy, you can still enjoy the wholegrain goodness of a healthy New Zealand-made cereal.

Milk substitutes

Supermarkets and health food shops boast shelves of milk substitutes for people who are dairy intolerant or prefer not to consume animal milk products. Our favourite alternatives include soy milk, almond milk, rice milk and coconut milk – these all taste great with our mueslis. When choosing grain, plant or nut-based milks, there are a few things to watch out for. Look for brands that are unsweetened – these milks don’t need added sugar. If you are using soy milk, try to find an organic option. Rice milk is a good alternative for people who can’t eat nuts or soy. When you exclude dairy from your diet, it can be difficult to get the recommended amount of calcium each day so consider choosing a milk substitute that’s fortified with calcium.

Reverse the ratio

One common way to eat cereal is to add milk, then put a portion of fruit on as a topping. But if you don’t like milk, we suggest you tip this breakfast idea upside down. Assemble a bowl of your favourite fruit – it can be a mixture of fresh in-season varieties, canned fruit or even a handful of dried fruit (don’t overdo the dried fruit as it can be high in sugar). Then sprinkle your favourite Te Atatu Toasted cereal on top. This will add texture and the health benefits of wholegrains to your breakfast but the large serve of juicy fruit ensures you are not chewing your way through mouthfuls of dry cereal.

Dollop on yoghurt

Similar to the way milk alternatives have exploded onto our supermarket shelves, we are now able to choose from a good range of dairy-free yoghurts made right here in New Zealand. Coconut yoghurt is one of the most commonly found – we love Cathedral Cove Coconut Yoghurt, which is free from dairy, gluten and soy. The unsweetened natural flavour makes it good for dips, dressings and curries too. The Raglan Food Co also has a range of coconut yoghurts in several flavours. If you are not a fan of coconut-based products, Good Boost Co makes Greek-style almond yoghurt in four flavours. Add a dollop of dairy-free yoghurt to cereal in place of milk.

Not just breakfast

The great thing about Te Atatu Toasted mueslis is they are versatile – you can use them in a range of dishes that can be eaten at any time of the day, ensuring you are still getting the benefits of adding wholefood ingredients to your diet.

Our cereals can make a great alternative to breadcrumbs when it comes to making a crust for chicken or fish. Or add half a cup to a yummy broccoli salad, or even put it into a meatloaf perfect for an easy family dinner. You can use our gluten-free blend to make a delicious dukkah to share with friends. Or check out this recipe for Te Atatu Toasted oat cakes that are perfect with cheese and chutneys. There are also loads of sweet treats you can make with our cereals – visit the recipe section on the website.

How do our customers enjoy it dairy free? Meet Kevin - a vegan and a Te Atatu Toasted fan here to see how he has it for brekkie.

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