January 28, 2021

Lisa London is a legal assistant who lives in Auckland’s Mt Albert with her husband and adult daughters.

My typical morning routine is…A walk if I have time and home to enjoy my cereal and a cuppa. :)

 My favourite Te Atatu Toasted cereal is…The Original Blend Muesli. I can’t go past those almonds!

I love Te Atatu Toasted cereal because… I am becoming increasingly aware about additives to food and concerned about what we are putting into our system and the health problems we may not even know about yet as a result. I love the philosophy behind the cereal, and how reasonably priced it is while still being nutritious and natural!

I eat it with… Mostly just milk because it doesn't need anything else!

The best thing about signing up for a subscription to Te Atatu Toasted is…You don't have to think about it. It just lands at your door once a month and away you go.

 If I’m not eating cereal for breakfast, I’m having…   Breakfast out!

I believe the key to good health is…   Balance - diet, exercise and little treats all in the right proportions.

Other boutique New Zealand food brands I love include….  Nothing springs to mind but I have started to realise the importance of buying local and intend to do so whenever I can.

My next holiday will be to…  Somewhere local! Queenstown next week and my cereal will be going with me.

My favourite restaurant or café is… I love Asian fusion flavours - anywhere will do!

2020 has been a strange year. What has been the best thing about the new challenges you have faced? The understanding of the importance of time - time with family, friends and to just reflect on what is important. There’s nothing like a pandemic to give you perspective!

And the worst?

Like many Kiwis, a cancelled overseas trip to Europe. It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime and still will be, I’m just not sure when!

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