March 04, 2021

We know you love supporting independent New Zealand businesses – when we surveyed our Te Atatu Toasted community at the end of last year, 71 per cent of you indicated shopping local will be a focus for you this year.

Of course, when you buy our cereals you are already helping a small Kiwi business that is very grateful for your support.

 But we thought we should tell you about a few of the other New Zealand producers we think are doing an amazing job so you can share your shop local love a bit further. 


Piako Yoghurt

These guys started out by making delicious creamy yoghurts using all local, simple ingredients and selling them at local farmers markets, so their story is similar to Te Atatu Toasted’s journey.  Now their range of five probiotic, gluten-free yoghurts is available through supermarkets. They taste great with our muesli. Find out more on the Piako Yoghurt website.


Saba Soap And Body
This is a range of beautiful, natural products using only essential oils, plant- based colourants, and organic ingredients wherever possible. Its founders launched the label because they were concerned about the harsh chemicals, synthetic colourants, additives and fragrances found in many cosmetic products, so this is another company that shares the same values as Te Atatu Toasted. We love their liquid soap range!


Better Day Box
When it comes to life planning, whether it’s for home or business, the Better Day Box from Hello Better Day is a great tool, especially for those of us who need to write things down to make them happen! A series of index cards and tabbed dividers in a gorgeous wooden box handmade from sustainable New Zealand pine keeps your ideas at your fingertips when you need them, rather than scattered through notebooks, phone apps or random bits of paper.


Kombucha City
Originally brewed on a family farm in the Bay of Plenty, this probiotic drink comes in three yummy flavours – Japanese Lime, Springtime and Boysenberry Burst. The best thing about it is it’s not too sweet and is traditionally brewed so is packed full of health benefits. The Kombucha City website also has some fab recipes for cocktails using their products (Disclaimer: Adding alcohol may negate some of the health benefits!). Buy online or find stockists.


Ethos Ethical Skincare

We stumbled across this amazing brand at a market and fell in love with its skincare products made with naturally-fermented, single-origin virgin coconut oil. Founders Gerard and Hana Wakefield launched Ethos after volunteering in Cambodia left them with a desire to support local coconut growers and the country’s environmental and economic sustainability. Find out more about their story and shop the range at


Be Nourished

This sauerkraut and kimchi made locally from organic ingredients is a fantastic healthy addition to any meal. The live cultures nourish from the inside out. As proud Westies, one of our picks is the Wild Out West Raw Sauerkraut but it’s also hard to go past the vibrant Ruby Perfection Raw Sauerkraut, which is made from a mix of white and red cabbage. Buy online, find stockists or get recipe ideas for using these fab fermented foods at


Make Give Live

This knitwear social enterprise produces gorgeous pure wool handmade hats and sells them through a buy one, give one model. The hats are knitted or crocheted by groups of women (and a few men) who meet regularly to share their love of the craft and drop off and pick-up new projects. For every hat sold, another is given away to a Kiwi in need through charities supporting families, children, homeless people and older people in the community. They also have a range of cotton washcloths, make-up removers and accessories. Find out more on the website.