April 21, 2021

Are you running out of ideas for what to make friends and family during the holidays or long weekends? We have a fantastic collection of recipes using our cereals that will be a huge hit with family and friends. Check out our top picks for April.

  • Whip up a batch of Te Atatu Toasted Gluten-Free Dukkah. This is great to have in the pantry if you have last-minute guests. Serve with fresh bread and extra virgin oil for dipping. It also adds a new dimension to roast vegetables – coat the veges with oil, sprinkle with dukkah, toss and cook in the oven as usual.
  • This Quick Blackberry and Apple Crumble is perfect for an entertaining emergency or if you suddenly decide you want dessert. It's super simple because you can use canned apples and frozen blackberries. Or you can stew your own apples using the yummy new-season fruit in stores this month.
  • Salads are a great make-ahead option to have in the fridge ready to go either for lunch or as a side for dinner. This Broccoli Salad is our Autumn go to.
  • You can’t let April slide by without enjoying some homemade Anzac biscuits. We have a healthy version that uses our Original Blend Muesli.
  • For a special holiday breakfast, check out this recipe for spectacular Four Ingredient Grain Free Pikelets courtesy of Te Atatu Toasted fan Jacqui. They are delicious served with plain Greek yoghurt, blueberries and a drizzle of rice bran syrup.
  • Our Spectacular Gluten-free Chocolate Slice is perfect to have on hand to treat the family or delight guests at morning or afternoon tea.

If you use Te Atatu Toasted cereals in your cooking, we would love to hear about it! Send your recipes to sales@teatatutoasted.co.nz

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