July 12, 2019

An easy dessert - perfect for a night in or taking to a friends. It uses our Gluten Free muesli and is a gluten free crumble.

Ingredients and Method:

Crumble topping:

2 Cups Te Atatu Toasted Gluten Free Blend

100g butter soft

½ C coconut sugar

Custard – store bought (or make your own) – this recipe used store bought


3 Apples – granny smith are best

4 stalks rhubarb

½ C coconut sugar



Put one cup of the gluten free muesli in a wizz and blitz, add the sugar and give a short blitz, then add the rest of the muesli and butter and mix lightly till all mixed. Set aside

Wash and peel apples and slice into ¼ ers and then 1/8ths lay out on a baking tray. Wash and cut rhubarb into 1inch pieces and place on the tray, sprinkle sugar over and cook for 30mins or until just soft but holding it’s shape.

Place the apple into the bottom of a 22cm dish, then put the rhubarb evenly over the top. Next pour 2 cups custard on top and finally sprinkle all the crumble mix ontop – cook for 30mins at 180 decrees or until the top looks cooked.

Delicious with extra custard, whipped cream, yoghurt or icecream >> you choose!

All our cereals contain only the best of ingredients in delicious combinations, because all our cereals contain no cheap fillers like rice bubbles, cornflakes, wheat flakes – you actually need less to nourish and satisfy you and it will keep you fuller longer though the morning.

It really is the most deliciously healthy way to start your day. Choose your blend here.

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