December 18, 2018

This is a non traditional take on the traditional Christmas puddings. It's a Christmas pudding everyone will love!

They are very easy to make, below is the ingredient list and recipe.


This will make 6

1 & a half Cups of Te Atatu Toasted Coco Crunchies

60g of dark chocolate (I use Whittakers Dark Ghana)

60g of white chocolate

6 Jaffas

6 small mint or basil leaves



Melt the dark chocolate and combine with the Coco Crunchies and mix well. Press the mix into a dome shaped silicon mould (I got mine from Stevens). Put in the fridge or even freezer to chill.

Now melt the white chocolate until fully melted and runny, allow to cool a bit so it doesn't melt the puddings but it still runny enough to pour all over them.

Take the puddings out of the fridge or freezer, remove from the moulds and place the flat side on a flat surface. Pour the melted chocolate over the top, trying to run it down the sides a little so give the pudding look. Place a jaffa on top and the small mint or basil leaf to the side.


They are now ready to eat! If you are eating them later - they will keep well but store in a cool dry place.

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