June 29, 2017

I often find myself reaching for this combo in the morning, it’s easy, nutritious and delicious. It’s also very low sugar, which I am used to but you could add ½ a banana to sweeten it up a little if you wanted. This recipe uses our Paleo blend muesli but you could also use the Healthy, Original or Gluten Free mueslis.

 Here’s the recipe

This recipe serves 1 and can easily be doubled or tripled as required.

Ingredients and Method:

 For the Porridge:

1 portion spoon1 Te Atatu Toasted Peach and Passion fruit Paleo BlendMuesli or you could use any of our mueslis

1 tablespoon quick cook oats (or you could swap for chia seeds)

1 tablespoon chia seeds

1 portion spoon of frozen blueberries

½  hot water

Method: Mix all together in a small pot and leave to soak 10 or so minutes, then cook on the until it has thickened and is bubbling, stir occasionally while it is cooking so it does not stick.

Pour into you favourite bowl and eat. I have just eaten a bowlful while writing this post and that will keep me going till lunchtime.

1The portion spoon is 1/3 cup – you can request a free one with your first online muesli order, to help you know how much cereal to have.

Our mission is to provide you with a delicious range of natural, wholefood breakfast cereals free from additives so you can enjoy a quick, convenient, healthy breakfast every day. 

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