September 01, 2016

Thursday’s #breakfastinajar - is creamy deliciousness. It's dairy & gluten free too. Perfect to start the morning, here's the recipe.

Makes a 255gram approx serve. Total Cost:  $3.20 per serve


1 Blue portion spoon Gluten Free Blend Muesli  $1.10 (based on subscription price)

 1 portion spoon water $0.00 (or you could use dairy free milk)

 1 portion spoon Raglan Plain Coconut Yoghurt $2.00

 1 portion spoon chopped kiwi fruit + some for the top $0.10

 1 Jar (approx 300ml) & Lid

Put all the ingredients in the jar in any order, put the lid (tight!) on and shake till well mixed.

Place in the fridge overnight ready for the morning.

* This breakfast is also nut free but and made in a nut free facility.