August 31, 2016

Wednesday’s #breakfastinajar. Again another easy and healthy breakfast recipe and this one uses vegetables! This mornings breakfast eaters verdicts: delicious!, love it! and carrots - what a great idea!

Makes a 255gram approx serve. Total Cost:  $2.41 per serve


1 Blue portion spoon Te Atatu Toasted Original Blend Muesli  $1.16 (based on subscriptionprice)

 1 portion cup Milk $0.15

 1 portion cup Yoghurt $0.45

 1 portion cup grated carrot $0.25

1 portion cup grated apple $0.50

 1 Jar (approx 300ml) & Lid

Put all the ingredients in the jar in any order, put the lid (tight!) on and shake till well mixed.

Place in the fridge overnight ready for the morning.

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