September 07, 2017

This is delicious and creamy and it keeps me going till lunchtime.

It is already pretty low in sugar but if you wanted it even lower, swap the Original Blend muesli for our 97% sugar free Healthy Blend cereal and top with kiwi fruit instead of banana.

This recipe is dairy free, wheat free, rice free, corn free and refined sugar free - as are all our breakfast cereals. For more detail - click here

Here's the recipe:

This recipe serves 1 and can easily be doubled or tripled as required.

Ingredients and Method:

For the Porridge:

1 portion spoon1 Te Atatu Toasted Original Blend Muesli or you could use any of our mueslis 

1 tablespoon quick cook oats (or you could swap for basil seeds)

1 tablespoon Aotearoad Basil Seeds (or you could use Chia Seeds)

1 portion spoon of coconut yoghurt

3/4 - 1 Cup hot water

Method: Mix all together except the coconut yoghurt in a small pot and leave to soak 10 or so minutes, then cook on the until it has thickened and is bubbling, stir occasionally while it is cooking so it does not stick. When it is cooked - turn it off and add the coconut yoghurt immediately and mix well.

Pour into your favourite bowl and top with fruit - I have also added a drizzle of brown rice syrup in this picture.

1The portion spoon is 1/3 cup these come FREE with your first online muesli order, to help you know how much cereal to have.

Our Original Blend muesli is exceptional value at less than $1/serve on subscription delivered conveniently to your door.  To find out more about it and the rest of blends - click here.

Our mission is to make eating healthy easier for you.