October 12, 2021

These healthy flapjacks are perfect for breakfast on the run or anytime of the day when you want a little sustenance and want a healthy low sugar snack option. They are already low sugar but using Natvia or similar will make them even lower in sugar. They are already a great source of protein but if you want to make protein bars, replace the LSA with protein powder.

This recipe was created by Kate from Lifespark Nutrition

2 cups Healthy Blend muesli

1/2 cup peanut butter

tsp cinnamon or vanilla essence

2 dessert spoons of honey or Natvia

1/2 cup desiccated coconut

1/3 cup LSA or protein powder 

1/3 cup softened coconut oil or butter

1/3 cup water. 


Pre heat to 180 degrees. Add all the dry ingredients and blitz for 30 seconds. Add peanut butter, water and oil. blend for 10-20seconds, mixture should be well combined and sticks together when pressed. If still crumbly then add 2-3 T more water. Line a standard brownie tray (28cam by 18cm) with baking paper and press the mixture into it. 

Bake for 25mins until golden. 

Cool in the tray and then cut into pieces, store in an airtight container.


VARIATIONS: swap the Healthy for the Original Blend muesli, add dried fruit such as chopped apricots or cranberries, drizzle with melted chocolate or add a chocolate button to each square. 

To find out more about nutritionist Kate Walker visit her website here Lifespark NutritionKate loves to support people from different ages, backgrounds and ethnicities to be able to make the healthy lifestyle changes they want to see and address health concerns such as weight loss, digestive issues, stress and anxiety,  and hormonal issues.

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