September 15, 2021

Is there such a thing as Keto friendly on the KFC menu? I didn't think so and then Kate from Lifespark Nutrition created this recipe! It's all natural ingredients, no added sugar and low salt.

It might not actually be KFC but it is "finger lickin good" and it's also gluten free and lowcarb. 


4-5 chicken thighs

1 cup of the Te Atatu Toasted Grain Free Porridge (you may need slightly more depending on the size of chicken thighs

1/2tsp salt

1tsp pepper

1tsp ground cumin

touch of chili flakes if you like it spicy

thick wedge of lemon or lime

Pre heat oven to 180 degrees. Line a baking tray with baking paper. In a medium bowl add the dry ingredients together and mix. Then take one piece of chicken thigh and cover it in dry mixture until well covered. Place it on the baking paper. Repeat with rest of the chicken pieces. If there is any crumbs left in the bowl then spoon extra on top the chicken. Place in oven and bake for 30mins. Should be cooked, but do check by slicing a little piece. Then squeeze your wedge of lime or lemon over the chicken pieces for an extra zing! 

Serve with your favourite salad. 

To find out more about nutritionist Kate Walker visit her website here Lifespark NutritionKate loves to support people from different ages, backgrounds and ethnicities to be able to make the healthy lifestyle changes they want to see and address health concerns such as weight loss, digestive issues, stress and anxiety,  and hormonal issues.

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