March 12, 2018

These are absolutely delicious, easy as to make and are low in sugar so perfect for that pick me up snack during a busy week.

They are also grain free and dairy free - see my notes at the bottom of the recipe for ways to make vegan and nut free.


 1&1/2 Cups Te Atatu Toasted Peach & Passionfruit Paleo Blend Muesli *

 5 Tablespoons Cashew nut butter *

 2 Tablespoons runny Honey *

 2 Tablespoons Cocoa Powder*

 1 teaspoon Vanilla



Place all ingredients in a kitchen whiz and blitz until just mixed - if you over mix - it will be too crumbly to roll into balls.  

Roll into small balls about the size of a small walnut - it will make about 24 balls.

Refrigerate until set. Store in the refrigerator or a cool place.

* Variations:

1. Nut Free - swap the Paleo Blend muesli for my Gluten Free Blend and the cashew nut butter for tahini paste.

2. Vegan - swap the honey for rice bran or maple syrup. 

3. These are already fairly high in protein but if want to make them even higher in protein, swap the cocoa powder for protein powder.

4. I use cashew nut butter because it is my fav - but you could use any nut or seed butter, a mix of cashew and peanut butter is yummo too.

5. If you can't be bothered to roll into balls (I hear you!) press into a container lines container approx 15cm x 15cm, refrigerate and then cut into 15mm squares.

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