March 18, 2022

I make this poke bowl many times a week because it is easy, delicious and nutritious. It also contains many foods beneficial to managing perimenopause or menopause and having a really healthy life.

This recipe uses the gluten-free muesli for crunch and flavour and nutrition and on top of the poke bowl and it looks good.

It’s mostly assembly apart from the marinade and mayonnaise. Then I’ll give you some tips of assembly.



In a jar place

¼ C orange juice

¼ C sesame oil

1T grated fresh ginger

1 T lime juice

1 T Tamari* (soy sauce)

1 T Ketjap Manis* (optional)

Mix all together and store in the fridge, this can be used as a marinade for meat/tofu or as a dressing.


I used to buy the Kewpie mayo which is delicious but now I have made my own mayo version and it is even better!

In a container (I use a round Sistema 10dia x 10cm tall with a lid) put the following ingredients

1 egg

1T mustard

1T lemon juice

1T miso paste *

1T Ketjap manis *

Mix these well together, then carefully pour the following on top

½ C sunflower or ricebran oil

½ C sesame oil

You should have 2 layers, the first ingredients and then the oils, carefully lower the stick blender to the bottom of the container, then start it and then carefully draw it upwards. The goal is to emulsify it and not make a complete mess! I can make it now without even thinking and it is always thick and creamy but it may take a few practices.



Place ½ cup of cooked brown rice at the bottom of a bowl (20cm dia approx.) and place a smear of mayonnaise on top.

Then I place groups of veggies on top - I aim to get as many different coloured vegetables as possible to get a real range of nutrients. It also looks appealing! The types of veggies I use are peas, corn (frozen or fresh cooked), edamame beans, red cabbage, avocado, grated carrot, red capsicum, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli (include the leaves chopped up) and, I also add a little sauerkraut.

I then usually have protein (100g approx) on top – salmon is a great option for it’s omega 3 or tofu for it’s high levels of isoflavones. Both these are phytoestrogens which help women balance their hormones during perimenopause.


Finally, I add a swirl of marinade and a good spoonful of Te Atatu Toasted Gluten Free Muesli Blendwhich contains linseeds, another phytoestrogen.


*If you are gluten free, take care with these ingredients and look carefully at the ingredients list as many versions have wheat added but there are gluten free versions available too.

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