June 13, 2023

When the days start getting colder and the nights get longer, we want comfort foods that will warm our hearts and our bellies. The good news is that you can satisfy those cravings with healthy, hearty recipes that use real ingredients and incorporate our wholefood cereals.

Here’s a collection of warming winter recipes that everyone will love – it includes our new Scrummy Apple Crumble which features Te Atatu Toasted Original Blend muesli and is simple to make and so delicious.

A yummy, hot breakfast is a great way to start the day – not only does it give us a reason to get out of bed on a cold morning, it sets us up with plenty of energy for whatever life brings. We’ve got several options for you to try. Grunty gluten-free porridge with baked rhubarb uses our Gluten Free-blend Muesli and is topped with rhubarb baked with coconut sugar and a dash of balsamic vinegar.

Warmed muesli with spiced poached fruits is the perfect winter breakfast. It’s served warm and it features ginger and cinnamon which are both naturally warming spices. This recipe serves one and can be doubled or tripled as required.

Or try the Easy porridge made with Original-blend Muesli and blueberries – featuring the scrumptious honey-coated almonds found in the muesli and added rolled oats, it’s a nutritious winter winner.

Perfect peach and passionate fruit paleo porridge with caramelised banana is a delicious paleo breakfast idea and is almost as much fun to make as it is to eat!

Another great winter breakfast idea is the Low-sugar breakfast bake – it’s yummy served with plain yoghurt (which also keeps the sugar content down).

If you are looking for a winter morning or afternoon tea treat, you can’t go past the Gluten-free ginger and almond slice. It’s the ginger that makes this feel like a warming snack – have it with a cup of tea or coffee to double down on feeling cosy.

Our Everyday bread is the perfect partner for some hearty winter soup for lunch or dinner or use it to make a gooey, tasty toasted sandwich.

We created Lockdown meat loaf as an easy option for days when you didn’t want to leave the house. Even though we hope those Covid restrictions are behind us, this is still a great option for a delicious hearty winter dinner. Serve it with your favourite mash (potato, pumpkin, kumara or even swede) and lightly steamed greens.

And winter and dessert just seem to go together like fish and chips. If you are short on time, a crumble is the perfect solution. Our new but still old-school Scrummy Apple Crumble might look too simple but don’t be tempted to complicate it. It goes perfectly with ice-cream, cream or yoghurt. The Apple and rhubarb custard crumble features our Gluten-free Muesli and is perfect for a night in or to take to a dinner party.

Another great crumble option is our Quick blackberry and apple crumble – it’s a simple solution to any dessert emergency and is also a healthy option. You can whip it up in five minutes and it takes just 25 minutes to cook.

Lastly our Spiced Christmas Crumble would be fabulous for a mid-winter Christmas or anytime you want a warm, yummy dessert.

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